Saturday, April 7, 2018

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What if changing your name is all it takes to change your life?

Return to her ten-year reunion as a lowly traffic manager? No way. Izzy Gordon is determined to become a filmmaker by creating a documentary about the gangster history of an old lodge. But her parents own the property and want to sell – and the lodge owners are fighting to stay open. So Izzy decides not to tell anyone who she really is.

Gib Murphy, globe-trotting photojournalist, is home recovering from an injury he got on a deadly assignment in Afghanistan. All he wants is some peace. Instead, he’s landed in the middle of his grandparents’ battle to keep the lodge they’ve run for forty years. And then he meets Izzy – and it’s lights, camera, action!

But what happens when he discovers her real identity? Will their blockbuster beginning become a box-office flop?

LOVE ON THE LANE is the first book in THE BACHELOR NEXT DOOR series – romantic, fast-paced stories with sparkling dialogue and heroes to die for. Discover Love on the Lane today and live the romance!

Malcolm Atherton’s predictive data mining business is not quite legal, but with drive and determination he has acquired an extravagant lifestyle and an intimidating reputation.

Julianne Cayke has settled into a simple life, free from the tragedy of her past. With a pleasant career and new home she’s managed to find peace again.

Through a chance encounter, Malcolm and Julianne experience an electrical undercurrent that neither can comprehend. Both driven by unseen forces they are drawn to each other and must deal with their demons to endure.

Malcolm knows she’s the one for him, but his persona doesn’t fit the bill. Is she worth the change?

Julianne knows he’s the one for her, but wonders if she can move on with him. Can she face the past?


 Life is not easy for Louisa, a woman in 1863 Idaho territory. After being forcibly moved out West by her abusive husband, she is abandoned, left to care for herself and her two children, Joshua and Emma. The man she married is nowhere to be found, but Louisa revels in the newfound freedom from her spouse’s tyranny. Between finding a balance between motherhood and providing for the family, Louisa has much on her plate, and makes a home for herself in Placerville amid the Gold Rush.

Louisa struggles to navigate the many hardships of life: her children run off and go missing; the town cowers under threat of a serial killer known as the Placerville Phantom; Louisa suffers the ever-looming possibility of her wayward husband returning. Meanwhile, the 29-year-old must tiptoe her way around a developing romance, amid whispers of her broken marriage. Through it all, she develops strong friendships and remains dedicated to raising her children, eventually finding her own version of a happy ending.

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