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A childhood crush and a lost kitten combine for one sweet Christmas romance in the Smoky Mountains.

When Molly retreats to North Carolina with Gracie, her ten-year-old daughter, she's surprised to find her childhood crush, Nick, still living in the area. Recovering from a divorce, Molly only wants to carve out a peaceful and happy existence for Gracie in a place where Molly always felt safe as a child.

The morning after her return, Nick, more handsome than she remembered, shows up at her cabin where she spent her childhood vacations. The flush of first love surprises Molly, and Nick is shocked to discover the grown-up Molly.

When Harold, Molly's old cat, runs out the cabin door and into the woods, Nick discovers the cat lying dead at the base of the tree where Molly always went to read as a child. After burying him under the tree, a broken-hearted Gracie and Molly return to the cabin and discover a gray furry kitty under the porch. Gracie names him Minty.

Gracie refuses to believe her father won't come back for them, so she resents Nick spending time with her mother and tries her best to pull them apart. One small kitty named Minty helps Gracie accept the love developing between Nick and Molly in time for her first Christmas in the mountains of North Carolina, but only after learning that life doesn't always turn out how we want.

Buy Minty's Kiss today and enjoy a sweet romantic novella, filled with holiday cheer brought to life by an adorable kitten.

 "Brilliantly engaging and authentic language"
"Hauntingly, beautifully written"
"A smooth work of literary fiction"

For Danny, a young American residing in Athens, Greece, life is all but an eternal present. Traumatized by the past and scared of the future, he leads an enigmatic existence sharing a rundown apartment with Yasir and Nazim, two illegal immigrants who try to continue their long journey to Germany. Danny’s best friend is Sophia, a young British-Greek woman that clearly desires more than a friendship.
The turning point comes when Danny’s roommates announce they have finally found a trafficker to get them out of Greece. Danny is now forced to acknowledge his past and face his fears, wondering whether it is too little too late.

Twilah Dunn has it all—an exciting life in Los Angeles and a thriving ad agency she owns with her fiancĂ©. Then she learns that her estranged father has died and her business partner is sleeping with her best friend. In one day, her perfect life unravels and the city she calls home is now anything but.

She returns to her hometown in North Carolina determined to sell her father's horse farm in order to buy back her business from her cheating fiancĂ©. But when she sees the farm’s dilapidated state, she can’t bear the thought of selling it that way. Against all reason, she puts her fast-paced, metropolitan life on hold and hires local cowboy Aidan Perry to help restore the farm to its former glory. She’s heard the rumors of his dark past, and she’s wary of mixing business with pleasure—again. But soon she can’t keep her mind, or her hands, off of him.

Can Twilah push through her fear and love Aidan? Will his past prove too dangerous? Has she really left LA behind or will it continue to haunt her?

For some, the path is straight and narrow, but others take The Long Way Home.
Fans of Bella Andre, Susan Mallery, and Nora Roberts will love Regina West, a new voice in contemporary women's romance.


Seventeen-year-old Lynn refuses to grieve for her dying father. She’s more concerned about Pluto losing its status in the solar system.

Snubbing her dysfunctional family, Lynn spends most of her time with her telescope, trying to find the rejected planet. Then she meets Peter in the hospital the same night her father passes away. Peter is an actor pretending to be sick. Or a cancer patient. Or he has an eating disorder. Bottom line, he’s not well physically, and mentally he’s off the charts. He speaks his mind, yet lies constantly.

The only time Lynn feels remotely alive is when she is with Peter who has a few secrets of his own. When Peter opens up about the tragedies of his past, Lynn realizes that if she doesn’t face her father’s death and the resentment she holds against him, she’ll never be able to love anyone.

*Recommended for ages 16+ due to strong language and mature themes

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