Friday, March 23, 2018

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Chicago Law: A Trial Lawyer's Journey


Rarely do we live the life we originally intended. We make up our minds and charge down the path we’ve chosen, only to find ourselves arriving at an unexpected destination. We don’t know how it happens, but after enough time has passed, we’re able to look back and assemble the puzzle pieces to make sense of it all.

This is the business of Joseph A. Garofalo’s autobiography, except his life’s puzzle pieces are not made up only of choices and events. They also predominately take the form of people. His story introduces the many relationships that make up who he is today—those who influenced him, the woman he married, the friends he made, his coworkers and bosses, his clients, and eventually, the partners he selected for his law firm.

His story that begins in a working-class Chicago neighborhood and ends with cofounding his own firm, as well as owning a California vineyard, is an inspirational journey of self-discovery that will draw out readers’ introspection and appreciation. Because it is more than a story. It is a series of life lessons that can only be expressed in this way by one who’s learned them himself.

Miss Mai

Nonfiction - Memoir

 "Miss Mai" is a romantic memoir set in the final years of the Vietnam War. The author's progress as a naive draftee through the rigors of military training as an intelligence analyst inexorably lead him to the exotic streets of wartime Saigon. He meets Tuoi Mai under accidental circumstances and his life is altered forever after.


 The War Between the States had dragged on far too long, leaving behind a welter of broken bodies and broken men.

One of these is James Yancey, Lt. Colonel, CSA. Captured by the Union Army after the Battle of the Wilderness, he was sent to the officers’ prison camp at Johnson’s Island in Sandusky Bay, Ohio. Having been forced to abandon his men is a tribulation that eats at him; that does, in fact, color his whole existence with self-blame. Even after he is released, at war’s end, James is haunted by memories of what he considers his own disgrace.

With the South going through Reconstruction, his best option seems to be a move west, to join his two brothers already situated in California. During a brief stop in Charleston, his former home, he locates a girl from childhood plantation days, Emma Palmer, and seeks her hand in marriage . . .

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