Saturday, January 13, 2018

Spring-Summer Romance by Alex Greenville

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Sunshine In The Morning

Child genius and former hockey player, Aarin Kai, has settled into his new, mundane existence. Sidelined from a promising career by a crippling hand injury, most days, arthritis keeps him from doing the simplest tasks. Yet as a professor of English literature at a local college, he finds fulfillment teaching class.

Freshman English whiz, Lydia Rengi never expected her days at college to be eventful. She'd planned to study hard, get good grades, and in three years' time, earn her degree. But when she agrees to help Professor Kai work on outdated curriculum, unforeseen circumstances lead to private time together.

Suddenly, their nine year age difference isn't so much and, time passing, the innocence of their friendship fading amidst growing passion. Passion, with the potential to become something wonderful - love. Or destroy everything they've worked so hard to attain, his career and reputation, but their future together, most of all.

Words From The Heart

With his beloved wife's death, Bennett Adam's successful life fell apart. His son clings to him all the time, and his infant daughter won't stop crying. His days and nights have become an endless cycle of grief and worry. When the family pediatrician suggests he hire a wet nurse, he's opposed to the idea. Farm his daughter off on another woman? People don't still do that.

Audrey Ferguson's husband walked out on her and their son, forcing them to move in with her parents. She's determined to make it temporary. Her son is mostly weaned. She'll get a job, save up, and buy her own place. A chance encounter with Bennett at the library changes her orderly plans. Here's a man, hurting, and a baby that needs what she can give.

Spending so much time with such a handsome older man creates its own set of problems though. They're attracted to each other. In her eyes, he's everything her ex is not - faithful to his children and loving to his wife. Yet, despite their growing passion, their troubled pasts stand between them. Memories that might be powerful enough to tear their fragile new beginning apart.

All About Us

A sudden breakup with his girlfriend moved Kyle McAllen from one coast to the other. With a new job, new apartment, he'll restart his life and try hard to not look back. He figures that'll be easier since he's living close to his mother now. They haven't spent much time together in recent years, and it'll be nice to reconnect.

Lilith Kearney overcame her recent divorce by pouring herself into her career. She won't let the all-male work environment, and public perception, influence her life anymore. Yet, when a moment of physical illness brings Kyle into her life, the goals she's adopted seem to shift. He's sexy, smart, and kind, exactly who she needs in her life.

Except a forty year old woman shouldn't fall in love with a twenty-eight year old man. Especially when it creates a rift between him and his mother, her long-time best friend. A rift that threatens to destroy their promising future.

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