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No cowboys allowed. That is Stacy Smith’s motto. Having overcome a rough childhood, she vows to not repeat the same mistakes that her mother made. Writing bestselling romance novels as Sabrina Noelle, she is happy to stay in her ivory tower, creating perfect worlds for her heroes and heroines that keep her busy and her heart whole.

Texas Ranger Davis McKenna handles crisis situations on a regular basis. But when he is stranded in a hotel elevator with a gorgeous woman on the verge of panic, he soon realizes that there’s more at play than just his protective instincts.

Take one determined Texas Ranger and one equally stubborn romance author and there is bound to be a showdown at high noon where desires and hearts are concerned. Can Stacy risk opening her heart to the man who represents everything she never wanted?


 "Edgy, steamy, action packed, and plotted with nail-biting tension..."--Library Journal, Starred Review

In the harsh Northern Waste where human life is worth little, ice trucker Raina Bowen has learned to keep her eyes open and her knife close at hand. She's spent her life on the run, one step ahead of the megalomaniac who hunts her. All she wants is to stay out of trouble and haul her load of grain to Gladow Station—but trouble finds her in the form of a sexy stranger called Wizard. He has the trucking pass she needs, and she has to drag him out of a brawl with the very people she's trying to hide from in order to get it.

She may have rescued him, but Raina's not foolish enough to see Wizard as anything close to helpless. He's hard and honed and full of secrets—secrets that may destroy them both. As they race across the Waste, trying to outrun rival truckers, ice pirates, and the powerful man bent on their destruction, Raina's forced to admit that trouble's found her. And this time, there's nowhere left to run.

"One of the best books I've read in ages."--Marjorie M. Liu, New York Times bestselling author

"Anyone looking for something different will find [Silver]'s steamy, sinewy universe great fun..."--Publishers Weekly, Starred Review


Your setbacks and past may shape you, but do not have to define you. The true story of a college football player from a small town in Texas with professional aspirations beyond school and sports, but one who was faced with private challenges he was not sure he had the strength, or even the desire, to overcome alone.

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Kathleen Findlay is married to a cad, her mother is driving her crazy and her life is falling apart. Then her uncle dies, leaving her the family’s Revolutionary-era home and, she believes, an escape from her chaotic marriage. But one afternoon, while searching for a rake, she discovers a man in her garden shed — and a free fall through the centuries.

As her life spins wildly out of control, Kathleen finds her heart and in the process, her own place in time.


Sometimes our lives are connected by the simplest of things. For Anne Barnes and her son James, it's a key.

Short story (Approximately 2000 words)


"A perfect 30 minute Twilight Zone read for your next commute on a subway. Or your last..."  --Nick Cole, author of CTRL ALT Revolt! winner of the 2016 Dragon Award for best apocalyptic novel

Six strangers find themselves on a subway train that seems to have no destination. Defying logic and reason, this train has no beginning and no end. These six strangers will find themselves pushed to the limits, overcoming fear and suspicion of their fellow passengers as they attempt to explain the unexplainable circumstances of being trapped on an endless train while trying to find a way off before it's too late. It's a train ride they'll never forget, if they survive.

Readers have liken THE LAST STOP to an episode of The Twilight Zone. A paranormal thriller that will make you think twice before taking a late night ride on the subway.


"A most touching love story, poignant and riveting in the telling. A poignant, sensuous and compelling story, unique in its story line, I will long remember." --BOOKTALK WITH EILEEN--

The last thing he expected to find in Ireland that summer was the inspiration to go on with his life, and certainly not in the form of an adolescent heiress. 

New York socialite Peg Shannon has everything--wealth, position, beauty and limitless prospects for happiness. or so the world believes.

Aspiring London violinist Kendall Gregg is talented, handsome and charming. While hardly well-to-do, he has connections and ambition which should take him far. Or so it appears.

Thrown together briefly by a twist of fate, Kendall quickly becomes young Peg's hero, while Peg proves to be Kendall's unlikely salvation. Through the decades, their deepening passion and shared secrets forge an enduring bond, destining them for a love affair that comes but once in a lifetime.
Set in the mid-twentieth century, Shannon's Daughter chronicles the complex relationship between two people constrained by family responsibility and a tragic secret, while delving into the history of one of the most intriguing characters in the Miracle at Valley Rise series.

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AD 630. Anglo-Saxon Britain. A gripping, action-packed historical tale set in the world of The Bernicia Chronicles. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell.

Winter grips the land in its icy fist. Terror stalks the hills, moors and marshes of Bernicia. Livestock and men have been found ripped asunder, their bones gnawed, flesh gorged upon. People cower in their halls in fear of the monster that prowls the night.

King Edwin sends his champions, Bassus, Octa and band of trusted thegns, to hunt down the beast and to rid his people of this evil.

Bassus leads the warriors into the chill wastes of the northern winter, and they soon question whether they are the hunters or the prey. Death follows them as they head deeper into the ice-rimed marshes, and there is ever only one ending for the mission: a welter of blood that will sow the seeds of a tale that will echo down through the ages.

What readers are saying about KIN OF CAIN:

'The tale is full of suspense, it's dark, gritty and gruesome ... what more could you possibly want?'

'Absolutely gripping, edge of the seat reading. If you're into Bernard Cornwell you'll love this!'

'Clever short story by a master story teller'

Can't wait for the next instalment of the Bernicia Chronicles? Search 9781784978853 to pre-order KILLER OF KINGS!


"The dialogue is crisp, natural, and propels the story forward at a frenetic pace making the reader reluctant to put the book down." ~ Robert Sodaro, Hartford Literature Examiner

Sure, being a courier for a secret, possibly terrorist society has its risks, but the pay was worth it.

At least I thought it was until I was ordered to make a late-night run to Boston to meet an opium-addicted, vodka-addled contact, who blows the deal. Now I am being hunted as I hobble, injured through the streets of Beantown.

When I discover a planted gun and my new assignment, I wonder if perhaps I made a bad career choice.


Chicago has been a war zone for the last 50 years.
Gangs shoot up the streets, while corrupt politicians and predatory businesses get rich by stealing from the poor. In a place fraught with danger and fueled by poverty, a young white man named Ron Pickles discovers a resilient people with an indestructible spirit. But, there are sinister forces looking to create misfortune and reap profits at the expense of people that society cares little about. Ron soon learns that it isn’t the ghetto he needs to fear, but the corrupt insurance agency that recruited him in the first place. Inspired by a true story, “The Black Ledger” is a multi-cultural/mystery crime thriller that will take you into the heart of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods and experience a life you couldn’t imagine existed in the United States.

“D.G. Allen’s The Black Ledger is a smart, often funny, and compelling look at the dirty business of “death insurance” on the West Side of Chicago. Allen has vividly recreated the time and place with impeccable detail, colorful characters, and crackling dialogue; not to mention a heartbreaking murder mystery that always keeps you guessing. It may be set in the 80’s but it is a powerful message about race and corruption still resonating today!”
- Tim Sulka, screenwriter: “Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return” Author: Prime Cuts (graphic novel)

“I grew up in the Chicago community depicted in this novel. D.G. Allen depicts a much darker but funnier side of that neighborhood that I could ever have imagined. It is a captivating and wonderfully written story. A MUST READ!”
- Debra Wright Hughes

“This novel breaks the barriers of the thriller genre. I have never read something so unique as this world that D.G. Allen has created.”
- John Franklin, screenwriter: “Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return” Author: Prime Cuts (graphic novel)

“Highly recommended! This story takes us into a world most of us will never see and into a business that most of us never dreamed existed. He writes with such skill that you will laugh one minute, cry the next, and never even realize your jaw has dropped. His characters are believable and fascinating! I became engrossed in this book from start to finish. A unique and mesmerizing novel…don’t miss it!”
- Elizabeth Benney MA. DT. CIMI, Director LTP Center

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***A Semi-finalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakout Novel Contest***

South Georgia, 1956.
When sixteen-year-old Quincy Bruce goes to live with her Aunt Addy, she has no idea that what happened thirteen years earlier in wartime London can destroy her future. Her parents have gone to Africa as missionaries, leaving Quincy with her free-spirited and lively aunt, a war widow, and the only person who supports Quincy’s ambition to become a musician. When another aunt accuses Addy of having been the inspiration for the adulterous woman in Nathan Waterstone’s infamous wartime novel, The Lady, Quincy vows to prove her wrong. As Quincy settles into her new life with Addy, she sets about unraveling the secrets of Addy’s life, and of Nathan’s, in an effort to discover the true identity of the Lady. When she makes a discovery of a different type, Quincy’s dreams of becoming a pianist come crashing down.

Praise for The Lady:
“I want to read the book. I want to read whatever else I can lay my hands on that this author has written . . . ”
— ABNA Expert Reviewer.


Convinced a fresh start is all she needs to escape the problems at home, seventeen-year-old Jenna Lyons runs away in the middle of the night. But when her car breaks down on the outskirts of La Grange, Missouri, population less than a thousand, she gets sucked into the small town, and one family in particular. Jenna discovers there’s a liar in La Grange, and he’s deceived everyone. Now she must decide whether to run away from the truth, or blow his secret wide open.


n the summer of 1981, Michael from Perth meets Kathrin from Berlin. It's love. It's East meets West, and East wins.

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Waxing Moon is an epic story set in feudal 19th century Korea, in the household of wealthy landowner Mr. O. Outside, there is political unrest as Western missionaries attempt to make inroads into the country. While the servants and wives within the O household compete for a greater degree of influence, Korea moves closer to the end of a dynasty and vast changes in the way of life for the privileged.

This story of family intrigue and political tension during the Joseon Dynasty is told with humor and warmth. The characters are driven by ambition yet tempered by love. Through the lives of the O family, the pains and passion of a country in turmoil are revealed.

"It is the interactions of the women against a vividly painted historical backdrop that engaged me from the first page."
--Audrey Chin, When the Heart Bones Break

"Set in the mid-1800s, the narrative overflows with relationships, often more competitive than amicable, both built and destroyed in the face of life and death. From Mrs. Wang, the wise and frank midwife, to the conniving Mistress Yee and to Nani, the young maid aspiring for a better life, Kim carefully crafts a community of characters seeking to master their respective universes as twilight falls on the Joseon Dynasty."
--Jonathan Cha, KoreAM


Newly minted doctor Jane McGill is in hell.

Not literally, of course. But between her drug addict patients, sleepless nights on call, and battling wits with the sadistic yet charming Sexy Surgeon, Jane can’t imagine an afterlife much worse than her first month of medical internship at County Hospital.

And then there’s the devil herself: Jane’s senior resident Dr. Alyssa Morgan. When Alyssa becomes absolutely hell-bent on making her new interns pay tenfold for the deadly sin of incompetence, Jane starts to worry that she may not make it through the year with her soul or her sanity still intact.


"A great story of horror on the high seas" - Warren A. Lewis, Amazon review

In 1914, fear and paranoia rule the high seas. Iain Cosgrove is newly married to Jennifer Manson, daughter of a wealthy Scottish merchant.

But when Iain leaves for a research trip aboard the Lady Balgay, last of Dundee’s once-grand sealing fleet, a mysterious chain of events is set in motion. Fueled by rum and the eerie tales of the crew, they obsess over ancient superstitions, which Iain dismisses as simple lore... until they reach the frigid Arctic seas.

After a string of tragic accidents, Iain begins to question his beliefs. Then, the ship discovers two castaways - one of them a mysterious woman - and events take a sinister turn.

Praise for DARK VOYAGE:
"Helen Susan Swift has created a story for the ages with Dark Voyage. In the best of nineteenth century style, she has created a tale that will stand the test of time." - Jeanne G. Pocius
"Very enjoyable read. Kept my interest throughout, as I enjoy horror and history." - Amazon customer

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Will she betray her best friend to save her own life?

Anna, a spinster at twenty, has lost her family to persecution, and moves to peaceful Amsterdam to escape the violence of the German Reformation. But then, Charles V arrives on the scene on a quest to rid his empire of this ‘nest of heretics’ in the Netherlands. Must Anna lose her loved ones all over again?

After uncovering Maeyken’s dangerous secret, Anna must decide whether to turn in her friend as Charles’ decree demands or do nothing and risk execution herself. Anna wants to do the right thing, but what is right? How can she tell who is a True Soldier of Christ? Is it the Spanish soldiers who hunt human beings for going to the wrong church, or the hunted ones who soldier on in their faith despite persecution?

Adriaen, a recent widower and a leader of the radical new faith, is unlikely to survive the purging of heretics. Anna rejects her growing love for him, realizing his life might soon be over. And why would he forgive her for what she has done to his family?

This historical novel portrays the birth of the Amish and Mennonite faith, a faith more precious than life. Perfect for fans of lesser-known history, which entertains as well as educates. 


For Gus O’Grady, thirteen years of fighting and killing as a soldier has taken its toll on him. Cheap whiskey has been his only escape from the demons that haunt his nights. But that escape has come with a heavy price. He’s lost his sergeant’s stripes and his good name, due mostly to a hard-nosed Lieutenant named Welch. How much should a man be expected to take? It’s tempting to desert and leave it all behind, but would life be any better? He’s about to find out.

A touching and tender love story where long forgotten dreams are rekindled. Is it too late to dream again?

FBI Agent Bryan Jackson has just spent two of the longest years of his life undercover. He’s seen and done things he’ll never be able to forget. Now that he’s back in the real world once again, he’s not sure he can continue to do the job. He feels broken inside and needs some time away from the job to re-evaluate his priorities. Hiding out in Castle Peaks, Montana seems just the thing to help him heal.

Jessame Marshall is a pediatric oncology nurse, who has picked up a stalker. When an opportunity presents itself for her to leave Florida behind, and hopefully her unwanted admirer, she jumps at the chance. When her stalker finds her, she needs help, but the one thing she could do to help herself, she won’t. She has a secret, and must decide if keeping that is more important than protecting herself.

The pair find themselves drawn to each other, not only by their circumstances, but by an attraction that goes way beyond the physical. As they deal with Jessame’s stalker, an unexpected death, and an accidental fire, they find themselves not only relying on each other, but returning to their roots and Christian belief system.

Return to Castle Peaks, to see if the problems of the past will keep these two from finding the promise of a future – the second time around.

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My Best Friend is an autobiographical novel about my relationship with Brandy, a Springer Spaniel, who was my main emotional support at the most difficult time in my life, when my sister Sarah was dying from cancer. After I met my wife Ellen and we moved in together, Brandy adopted Ellen’s two Siamese cats, Foxy and Carousel, as her “best pals.” For the first five years Ellen and I lived together, we took a month-long camping vacation every summer, sleeping in a tent with Brandy, while visiting Northwest Canada and the National Parks in the USA. Brandy enjoyed swimming in the oceans, rivers, and glacier lakes and was my confidante as I matured in my profession as a computer programmer.

Brandy was there when we watched Old Faithful in Yellowstone and I had to call my boss from a phone booth. He constantly denigrated me but needed my input even while I was on vacation. Brandy and Ellen helped me enroll in Empire College (SUNY), where my computer essay was given high grades by Dr. Flynn Ph.D., who was teaching at the Brooklyn Polytechnic computer department. When we met at his office, he told me that if I stayed at my current job I would fall behind in the technology market. While taking long walks at night with Brandy, I discussed Dr. Flynn's recommendation with her. She gave me the courage to start my own business, even though I picked the wrong partner, resulting in having to assume his responsibilities in the company.

Brandy was my trusted adviser and companion until the day she died at the age of 15 ½. Since then I was never able to get another Springer Spaniel.


 Two broken hearts and one pair of yellow flip-flops come together in a beautiful setting to create a tale of hope and healing. Jack and Leah walk the same stretch of beach, looking for answers. With time and prayer, will they find what they are looking for in one another? A heart-warming short story for the reader looking for sweet romance.


 A Second Chance Romance

Their Happily-Ever-After is over before it begins unless they can change time.

Forty-nine-year-old actress Jennifer Knight would rather eat worms than face her first husband. But when her niece Kat accidentally time travels them to 1988, she needs his help.

Lance Davies is more comfortable with computers than people. He never knew how to handle his beloved, mercurial Jen. But now her future self is here in front of him and he wants another chance.

Jen finds herself torn. Her traitorous body insists that home is in Lance’s arms, but her heart has trust issues.

Can two people whose timelines are thirteen years apart find a future where they can be together?

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  FREE No cowboys allowed. That is Stacy Smith’s motto. Having overcome a rough childhood, she vows to not repeat the same mistake...