Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Today's Books
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Runs Deep: A Serial Killer Thriller
by R.D. Brady
99 cents ~ thrillers

Ten years ago, Simone Granger was killed in the sleepy little town of Millners Kill. Steve Kane, then sixteen, was quickly arrested and convicted. But Steve knows he’s innocent. Someone else took the life of his best friend’s sister.

Now Steve is on parole, and he is forced to return to the town that hates him. Steve would rather be anywhere than Millners Kill, but at least in his hometown, he’s got his grandmother, his brother, and State Police Investigator Declan Reed on his side. And Steve intends to make no waves. He just wants to get his life back.

But someone else has different plans...

River Tango
by perri iezzoni
FREE ~ Women's Adventure

Captain Jack Stueben, spymaster, deadly assassin and billionaire playboy is a formidable adversary but he is no match for a beautiful woman dancing the Tango. She’s dressed to kill and has a contract on Jack but what is she really after?

Odie Larson would die for his former commander but he was not prepared to enter the seductive world of the Tango dancers. Haunted by memories of the war, he struggles to stay in the lives of those he loves: his fiercely independent ex-wife, Angelina, and his two daughters. Bound by a secret oath to his superior officer, he is overwhelmed by the Tango Embrace of exotic women in high-heels and sexy clothing.

Odie is being pulled beneath the surface and can’t find the will to break free! Tango, terrorism and the war threaten his beloved Angelina. Will he find out in time to save her?

The Christmas Gift? (Barlow Sisters)
by Jordan Ford
FREE ~ Teen & Young Adult

She's counting sleeps until she can spend Christmas with her boyfriend. But can she find him the perfect gift to make up for the fact her parents won’t even let him in the house?

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Today's Books
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Big Cherry Holler: A Big Stone Gap Novel
by Adriana Trigiani
$1.99 ~ Historical Fiction

BIG CHERRY HOLLER is the story of a marriage, revealing the deep secrets, the power struggle, the betrayal and the unmet expectations that exist between husband and wife. It is the story of a community that must reinvent itself as it comes to grips with the decline of the coal mining industry. It is the story of an extended family, the people of Big Stone Gap, who are there for one another especially when times are toughincluding bookmobile librarian and sexpert Iva Lou Wade Makin, savvy businesswoman Pearl Grimes, crusty cashier Fleeta Mullins, and Rescue Squad captain Spec Broadwater, who faces the complications of his double life. Ave Maria’s best friend Theodore Tipton, now band director at the University of Tennessee, continues to be her chief counselor and conscience as he reaches the pinnacle of marching band success..

The Profiler's Daughter (Sky Stone Thriller Series Book 1)
by P.M. Steffen
99 cents ~ Women Sleuths

Sky Stone was born into the wealth and privilege of Boston's oldest Brahmin family but chooses instead to follow in the footsteps of her deceased father, legendary FBI profiler Monk Stone. In the chilly morning hours before the Boston Marathon, when a beautiful university student is found strangled and mutilated, her body left at the base of Heartbreak Hill, Sky returns from self-imposed exile to investigate. Thirty-six hours into the investigation, Sky's world turns upside down when she is fired from the Homicide team. They pin the murder on an innocent man, forcing Sky into a life-threatening game of cat and mouse with the real killer. From the stately mansions of Beacon Hill to the flat scrubland of central Texas, Sky keeps the reader on a razor's edge, culminating in a no-holds-barred shoot-out.

Poinsettia Promises (River's End Ranch Book 33)
by Amelia C. Adams
FREE ~ Romance

Whitney Dearden is the manager of the new floral shop on River's End Ranch, and she's gearing up for the holidays with pine boughs, holly leaves, and ribbons. She believes she's got a handle on this holiday season, but then she receives an order she's not quite sure she can fill.

Mike Prescott's father passed away recently, and Mike wants to make this first Christmas alone a little less melancholy for his mother. Poinsettias on Christmas Eve were a family tradition, so Mike decides to cover his mother's yard with them - five hundred and twenty of them, as a matter of fact. Now he just needs to find a florist who can make that happen.

And perhaps they could use just a little Christmas magic to light their way ...

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Today's Books
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The Queen of Hearts
by Kimmery Martin
$1.99 ~ Medical / Friendship

A powerful debut novel, praised by The New York Times, Bustle, Southern Living, and Hypable, that pulses with humor and empathy as it explores the heart's capacity for forgiveness...

...Nick's unexpected reappearance at a time of new professional crisis shocks both women into a deeper look at the difficult choices they made at the beginning of their careers. As it becomes evident that Emma must have known more than she revealed about circumstances that nearly derailed both their lives, Zadie starts to question everything she thought she knew about her closest friend.

Not by Sight: A Novel (Ozark Mountain Trilogy Book 1)
by Kathy Herman
$1.88 ~ Mystery & Suspense

Her Sister Couldn’t Be Alive … Could She?
It had to be Riley Jo. She was certain. . .wasn’t she? But when Abby Cummings tells her mother she thought she saw her sister at the store, her mother quickly dismisses the idea. After all, Riley Jo and their father had been missing for years. Presumably dead. Yet Abby cannot ignore her intuition. Telling her friend J. D., they investigate. But J. D. may know more about the disappearance than he’s telling, or even realizes. And as they work to uncover what happened, all they have to go on is blind faith. Will it be enough. . .especially considering what the truth might be?

Sensing Danger (A Sinclair and Raven Novel Book 1)
by Wendy Vella
FREE ~ Regency

Legend says the Sinclairs heightened senses are a result of a long ago pact between them and the powerful Raven family. To Honor and Protect is their creed, but the current Duke of Raven doesn’t make their task easy.

Arrogant and aloof, James, Duke of Raven, is determined to forge his own path and to hell with folk tales that his ancestors created. But when the breathtaking Eden Sinclair saves his life by risking her own, their past resurfaces, and with it comes the uncomfortable realization that they are linked by more than history...

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Today's Books
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Cold Fire
by Dustin Stevens
99 cents ~ Crime Fiction

As a DEA agent, Jeremiah “Hawk” Tate was one of the best at taking down drug traffickers. Then the cartels struck back—and destroyed everything he held dear.
Five years later, Hawk has retreated from society and is living a quiet life as a Montana wilderness guide. He’s done with the DEA, done with the criminals, and done with the pain left over from his past. But his past isn’t done with him....

Forever Christmas
by Jody Holford
FREE ~ Holiday Romance

...The only girl that has Sam’s heart is Anna but there’s no way he can tell her this when he started this friendship on a lie...

Her Queen City Ranger: A Victorian Western Romance (Colorado City Series Book 1)
by Emilee Harris
FREE ~ Westerns
Circumstance has placed them at odds, can love lead them to common ground?
A woman on the run...
A man determined to do what's right...

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Today's Books
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West with the Night
by Beryl Markham
$1.20 ~ Biographies & Memoirs / Adventurers

The classic memoir of Africa, aviation, and adventure—the inspiration for Paula McLain’s Circling the Sun and “a bloody wonderful book” (Ernest Hemingway).

Beryl Markham’s life story is a true epic. Not only did she set records and break barriers as a pilot, she shattered societal expectations, threw herself into torrid love affairs, survived desperate crash landings—and chronicled everything. A contemporary of Karen Blixen (better known as Isak Dinesen, the author of Out of Africa), Markham left an enduring memoir that soars with astounding candor and shimmering insights...

The Long Escape
by Jeff Noonan
FREE ~ Biographies & Memoirs / Naval Military 

This is a true story; a story of survival. It tells of how a boy and his family lived a life of hellish abuse, fought back, and learned to live with the memories. It is also an adventure tale, following the boy through the military buildup to the Viet Nam War, Pacific Island love affairs, and his personal battles in the Montana mountains...

Missouri Loves Company (Rip Lane Book 1)
by W.J. Costello
FREE ~ Crime Fiction / Noir

Former U.S. marshal Rip Lane lives in a motor home. He is a drifter. His only desire is to explore the country he once protected. But trouble seems to find him in every small town and every big city along the way. In Missouri he picks up a beautiful hitchhiker with a duffel full of secrets. When the woman disappears at a bus station Rip finds himself the target of mobsters. But targeting Rip is always a mistake. Because he never backs down. And he always exacts his own brand of revenge.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Today's Books
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Captains and the Kings: A Novel
by Taylor Caldwell
$1.99 ~ 20th century fiction

New York Times Bestseller: Sweeping from the 1850s through the early 1920s, this towering family saga examines the price of ambition and power. 

Spanning seventy years, Captains and the Kings, which was adapted into an eight-part television miniseries, is Taylor Caldwell’s masterpiece about nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America, and the grit, ambition, fortitude, and sheer hubris it takes for an immigrant to survive and thrive in a dynamic new land.

The Secret Child: A gripping novel of family secrets
by Kerry Fisher
99 cents ~ Women's Fiction / Psychological

Her secret echoes down through the years, tainting everything it touches. Her husband wonders why his wife is so distant. Her daughters can’t understand their changeable mother.

Susie knows her past is pushing her family apart, and the guilt is eating her up, but she can’t escape from the consequences of what she has done. No-one but Susie knows the whole story, and when her daughters discover a piece of the puzzle, she must face the question she has struggled with for most of her life:

Would the truth bring them back together, or break them?

The St. Paul Conspiracy: A compelling crime thriller (Mac McRyan Mystery Series Book)
by Roger Stelljes
Free ~ Thrillers / Organized Crime

Murder. Greed. Treason.
Thirty-two-year-old, fourth-generation St. Paul Homicide Detective "Mac" McRyan thought his day was going to be less stressful. The day would involve paper work, coffee, and maybe even an early trip to the pub. Then his cell phone rings... A body has been found in a high-end condominium between Summit and Grand Avenues; and it's not just anyone. With the Daniels brutal murder on top of the latest serial killer attack, the media pressure on the police department only builds and places Mac in the middle of a dangerous and high-stakes murder investigation that will ultimately have national political and security implications.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Today's Books
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Three Christmas Wishes
by Sheila Roberts
$1.99 ~ Contemporary Holiday Romance

Three friends, three wishes—one Christmas!

When three friends visit a shopping-mall Santa on a lark, the jolly old elf is full of mysterious predictions about the thing they’re all wishing for: the perfect man. Or at least men who are perfect for them...

If Kisses Were Snowflakes (Christmas Wishes Book 4)
by Serenity Woods
99 cents ~ Holidays

This sexy Viking seems to think she’s his shield maiden...

When Angel Matthews books a vacation on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in Northumbria at Christmas, she plans to follow in the footsteps of St. Cuthbert and spend some time alone, to recover from the trauma of the past year, and to plan her future...

Bitter and Sweet in Dog Town
by Sandy Rideout
FREE ~ Humor & Satire / Pets

Two unexpected homecomings to a dog-crazy town. A secret that binds three hearts to the past. Can one spoiled beagle sniff out the truth at last?

Remi Malone has conquered lifelong shyness with help from Leo, her unofficial therapy dog. The promotion she craves is finally within reach. All she needs to do is land a big donation for the hospital foundation from a visiting heiress...

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Today's Books *Click on the title or the book cover image Runs Deep: A Serial Killer Thriller by R.D. Brady 99 cents ~ thrill...