Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Nicole: A Dream Girls novel

Nicole Garrett, a self-proclaimed nerd, has had her future planned out for years. Taking chances has never appealed to her on any level, but growing up means adapting to change and accepting that life moves on no matter what. With her best friends, Piper and Stephanie both starting families of their own, Nicole finds herself concentrating harder on her plan to become a doctor, leaving little time for anything else, other than working at the local pub to help cover her living expenses. There is nothing worth more to her than making something of herself—unless you count Corey Tate.

Beyond Physical: A Mystery Romance (Beyond Romance Book 1

Someone is murdering politicians all over the country, and everything points to supernatural forces at work. But FBI agent Richard Fields has always relied on his strong sense of logic and is determined to expose the truth.

Here Again

They say your first love is the hardest to get over…
After years of hard work putting his heart and life back together after being dumped by his first love, the last thing Christopher Langely expected was to walk into her successful party planning business with his new fiancé on his arm.
Some feelings never die, no matter how much they should…

Love, Lies & Clones: A Futuristic Mystery Novel

June Taylor never asked to be cloned. She never asked for the faulty heart that beats inside her chest. But most of all, she never asked for the chaos that would become her life.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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CLOCKWISE: A Young Adult Time Travel Romance (The Clockwise Series Book 1)

A teenage time traveler accidentally takes her secret crush back in time. Awkward.

Ellen the Harpist

Single. Inept at flirting. But at least she’s got talent and a sense of humor. The problem is, she's often the punch line.

Hometown Girl After All (Hometown Series Book 2)

Julia lost everything while she was ill. Self-conscious and alone, she’s moved to Smithville, determined to hide away in her rundown Victorian house. Little does she know, she can’t hide anything in a small town, including her interest in the deliveryman . . .

Follow Me Back

"Follow Me Back is the perfect mix of fandom with just the right amount of suspense. An enthralling page turner from beginning to end." --Anna Todd, New York Times bestselling author of the After series

Tessa Hart's world feels very small. Confined to her bedroom with agoraphobia, her one escape is the online fandom for pop sensation Eric Thorn. When he tweets to his fans, it's like he's speaking directly to her...

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Monday, June 18, 2018

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Amara's Calling: A Billionaire's Club Novel (Billionaire's Club Series Book 1)

Looking for your next billionaire book boyfriend? Meet Grayson Davis.
Founder and CEO of a Facebook-esque company, Grayson is a brilliant, bullied computer nerd turned handsome playboy, with a penchant for blondes. Amara is the assistant to the assistant, who works on the third floor and is... not blonde. And not-so-secretly obsessed with him. Packed with all the classic "plain Jane" tropes you thought were hopelessly overdone, read the smart, sexy, bingeworthy debut exceeding "billionaire romance" expectations!

Ribbons of Moonlight

Emma Sanders:
She’s a damsel in distress—a 20th century miss dragged back to the 18th with no way home and no idea how she got there in the first place.
Connor MacAllister Kane:
He’s the reason she’s in distress--a British highwayman, and a minor noble with not much more to his name than a title and a Robin Hood-like charm who robs the wrong coach.

The Ghosts of Nagasaki

One night a foreign business analyst in Tokyo sits down in his spacious high rise apartment and begins typing something. The words pour out and exhaust him. He soon realizes that the words appearing on his laptop are memories of his first days in Nagasaki four years ago. Nagasaki was a place full of spirits, a garrulous Welsh roommate, and a lingering mystery. Somehow he must finish the story of four years ago--a story that involves a young Japanese girl, the ghost of a dead Japanese writer, and a mysterious island. He must solve this mystery while maneuvering the hazards of middle management, a cruel Japanese samurai, and his own knowledge that if he doesn't solve this mystery soon his heart will transform into a ball of steel, crushing his soul forever. Though he wants to give up his writing, though he wants to let the past rest, within his compulsive writing lies the key to his salvation.

Cavernous (The Cavernous Trilogy Book 1)

A Christian teen battles for her soul against an extremist leader—her father.

In a divided America, several secessions lead to the formation of a new nation, the Alliance of American States. Fueled by extremists who solicit members via social media, the Alliance has one weak point: Callie Noland, daughter of deceptive leader Adrian Lamb. When he snatches her from the man she’s always called dad, he forces her into a suppressive life, training to serve in the Alliance military. Can she maintain her faith in God and stand up to the man who calls himself Lord and Master?

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

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The Welcome Home Door and Other Stories: Tales of Appalachia and Beyond

Lighthearted, humorous storytelling from a seasoned traveler firmly grounded now in rural Southern Appalachia. With a love of character and community, Rouse delights readers with subtle details of relationships, adjusting to country life, wisdom of nature and the landscape of domestic negotiations. Americana with a twist. Regional yet global.

Fading Scars

Only time can heal Fading Scars--a true account of one family's journey through Traumatic Brain Injury. Paige and Mark -- both divorced, paramedic/firefighters -- brought two families together in the face of adversity. When a tragic motorcycle accident leaves Mark in the ICU, and their family in turmoil, Paige finds herself for the first time on the receiving end of a paramedic's empty promise: "The doctors are doing all they can to save him." But saving his life was only half the battle . . .

THE WOLF'S SUN: Intrigue in 17th Century Brittany and Paris

In this sweeping historical novel of 17th century France, the wrath and power of Louis XIV are felt all the way to Keltic Brittany near the Bay of the Dead.

A Matter of Trust: London Calling Book One

She stole his heart.
But did she also steal his fortune?

British financier Bennett Sterling steers his world with iron control and cold determination. Burned by a lover long ago, he guards his heart and business with wary resolve . . . 

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Friday, June 15, 2018

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Behind the Stars: A sweet, southern romantic mystery

Prentiss Puckett is certain of three things: -Graduation is two weeks away.
-Summer only gets hotter in south Mississippi.
-She's getting a job with air-conditioning.

She did not expect to be kidnapped walking to work.
And she never expected to become a hero.

Mademoiselle: A Novella

Red hair, an odd name, a victim of bullying, and the baby of the family has been beautiful Pipi Wiener’s excuse for retreating. Then she meets handsome Walter Spencer on the first day of high school . . .

The Lanvin Murders (Vintage Clothing Mysteries Book 1)

All Portland vintage clothing store owner Joanna Hayworth wants to do is turn her back on the modern world and retreat into a carefully curated life of satin cocktail gowns, icy martinis, and old movies.

But when Joanna finds a key in a 1930s Lanvin coat cast off by an ex-showgirl, everything changes. The elderly woman turns up dead, and Joanna is pulled into a long-ago drama of back room deals, blackmail, and lost love. She must find a very real—and present day—killer before she becomes his next victim . . .


From the author of Revelation Special Ops comes a terrifying, hauntingly real and daringly hopeful tale of betrayal and love.

"Those eyes—like a tempestuous sea in paradise where the riptide, unexpected and thunderous, pulled you under—those blue eyes tugged me into her world. I saw behind them a reluctance to live her life like this. I wanted so badly to protect her from all of it.

I should have known better."

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

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The Secret Wife: A captivating story of romance, passion and mystery

Haunting, moving and beautifully written, The Secret Wife effortlessly crosses centuries, as past merges with present in an unforgettable story of love, loss and resilience.

The Hating Game: A Novel

Debut author Sally Thorne bursts on the scene with a hilarious and sexy workplace comedy all about that thin, fine line between hate and love.

Skeletons at the Feast

Perhaps not since The English Patient has a novel so deftly captured both the power and poignancy of romance and the terror and tragedy of war. Skillfully portraying the flesh and blood of history, Chris Bohjalian has crafted a rich tapestry that puts a face on one of the twentieth century’s greatest tragedies–while creating, perhaps, a masterpiece that will haunt readers for generations.

 A Duchess to Fight For: A Historical Regency Romance Book

Friends since they were young, Percy and Louisa vowed to never marry each other and ruin their deep friendship. Around them, couples enjoying their season pair up motivated by dowries, titles and alliances, but not by love. Percy and Louisa reject marrying on those terms but fear they won't find a partner or worse, they will have to break their vow and risk losing out to being joined in an unhappy marriage. What happens after Louisa rejects Percy's proposal? And how do their feelings for each other change?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Today's 99 Cent Books.
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Soy Sauce for Beginners

Gretchen Lin, adrift at the age of thirty, leaves her floundering marriage in San Francisco to move back to her childhood home in Singapore and immediately finds herself face-to-face with the twin headaches she’s avoided her entire adult life: her mother’s drinking problem and the machinations of her father’s artisanal soy sauce business.

More From Life: A Funny and Feel-Good Romantic Comedy

Romance, humour and not just one happy-ever-after. A deliciously romantic and giggling read about love, loss and starting again by the Amazon Top 100 best-selling Author S J Crabb

My Kids live in Cyber Space and my mother lives in Cloud Cuckoo land. Me - I live in denial . . .

Home for the Summer (A Yorktide, Maine Novel)

In bestselling author Holly Chamberlin’s poignant new novel, a mother and daughter escape to a beautiful coastal town in Maine to find healing in the wake of heartbreaking loss.

One Sweet Christmas (Sweeter in the City Book 4)

It’s the season for second chances in this holiday novella…

Hailey Wells has every reason to be a Grinch this holiday. She’s about to lose the lease on her beloved Lincoln Park cafĂ©, all her friends are too busy with their significant others to make it to her annual ugly Christmas sweater party, and then there’s the issue with that tree lot across the street…and its ghost of Christmas past.

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Today's FREE Books *Click on the title or the book cover image Nicole: A Dream Girls novel Nicole Garrett, a self-proclaimed nerd...